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A named fund

As a individual or company you can choose to create a named fund to support a particular research area (eg type 1 diabetes, stem cell research,…) or another domain of the UZ Brussel (eg construction of a new lab).The fund must have a specific objective that is compatible with the work of the UZ Brussel.

A  named fund is always customized, you can choose to lay your own accents. It can carry your name or company, but also the name for example of someone whose memory you honor.

A named fund has no legal entity and there is always in consultation with you a management committee appointed of 3 people.

You can choose from different sorts of funds:

  • A more passive fund in which a number of people,corporations and others bring together their resources to mainly achieve the goal of the fund with the revenues.
  • An active fund that relies on the memories of someone and for which there are many fundraising activities organized.
  • An open fund in which others besides you can support and participate
  • A closed fund in which only you (and perhaps your family) have a significant investment in.