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Donation by bank transfer

The donation by bank transfer (bank donation) is the technique whereby funds(or securities) are transferred by debiting your bank account and crediting the bank account of the UZ Brussel. The bank donation is a neutral operation. The communication with the transfer is preferably not mentioned. A bank donation is an indirect gift donation, which is characterized by being via a neutral act (such as a transfer).
Of this donation  a written document is created as a means of proof (so-called adjoint compact).

From a tax perspective a bank donation is in principle not subjected to Belgian inheritance tax, if it is not the subject of a voluntary registration. But In this case there is a period of three years from the date of the gift. If you would die within three years after the gift, inheritance tax will still be paid on this donation compared to  the value of donated goods att he time of death of the donor. After three years, the donation is in principle free of gift and inheritance taxes. Important to know is that this donation is not tax deductible. You will not receive a tax certificate.