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De Appeltuin

The Apple Garden

Unfortunately everyone knows someone in his social circle who has or had cancer. If this person is a child, the situation is even more distressing. 

A child who should receive chemotherapy, is an image that leaves no one unmoved. But that child does not have to be bedridden. Between sessions,and when it is feeling better, it should have the chance to play and see other kids, in brief to be a child. Sadly most hospitals do not have room for this.




"Children who stay in the hospital for months go back home as little adults. They miss the contact with peers and can’t be part of their game. They feel trapped in their small room. We need a space where they can flourish and where they can meet other children with cancer in a fun way to see that they are not alone in this struggle.

A child who has lost her hair gets the hope back by playing with other children who’s hair is growing back.“

Veerle Cosyns, child psychologist at UZ Brussel and driving force of the Apple Garden.


To help these children, the Argenta-office holders and the headquarters’ staff shook hands. They want to create a warm and safe place. A place to deal with the illness and where the recovery process is pleasant. Therefore they have committed to the UZ Brussel to achieve a playground: The Apple Garden.

The cost of this amazing project is 1 million. The Argenta employees want to collect this amount for 2015.

Are you also dreaming of the Apple Garden? Then you contribute, because every little bit helps. With your donation of 50, 100 or 200 euros you’ll help to built up the realization. Thanks to you, these children will be kids again.

Support this project directly by this link.